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Программы для иностранных студентов

Master Degree Program ”Logistics & Commerce”


Department of MANAGEMENT malanina@irgups.ru

The demand identified by marketing should be timely satisfied by logistics, linking the consumer, transport and supplier into a single coordinated system. Leadership in the market competition gets one who owns the technology of smart reply". Turquoise and agile organizations, shops of generation 5.0 are unconditional future trends that require a new generation of entrepreneurs. Modern logistics opens up international spaces and borders, integrating the global market and economic actors. The Master degree program “Logistics and Commerce” forms entrepreneurial thinking, ensuring the creation of effective business models using innovative logistics technologies (3PL /5PL, Voice Picking, RFID, Storage 3D and others).

Applicants must have the 4-year Bachelor Degree diploma
Admission Test in Management (Score 70)
Admission Deadline August,10

1 year 2 year
September, 1 – January,31 Winter Term Theoretical semester  September, 1 – January,31 Winter Term Theoretical semester
February, 10 –June, 30 Spring Term Theoretical semester  February, 10 –June, 30 Spring Term Practical semester

 Our MD Program provides you with the tools to become a leader in today’s most vibrant management disciplines. Logistics and Commerce are booming and world trade growth drivers. They offer excellent international career opportunities and financial prospects. The teaching method includes both case- and project-based learning, excursions, business simulations, integrated internships, and regular interaction with industry professionals.


Core Module Specialization Module
Modern Management Theory Supply Chain Modeling Methods 
Theory of Organization Strategic Analysis 
Research methods in Management Intellectual Technologies in Logistics
Foreign Language Logistics Infrastructure Management 
Corporate Communication Commerce Management
  Supply Chain Management
  Management of Freight Forwarding Activities 


  • 2 year full time education
  • state accreditation
  • state diploma
  • English speaking teachers the educational and cultural university hub
  • Tuition fee $2200 for one year
  • Accommodation fee $250 for one year
  • Other costs (insurance, registration etc.) $100 a yea
  • Special offer for partner universities
    The group of 5 applicants has 10% discount
    The group of 10 applicants has 15% discount